How does PlanB4you work


• Sign up and deposit 40 euro
• Buy your first white block with these 40 euro
• With the purchase of your first white block, you get access to the website and you can start earning money by clicking on banners and advertorials
• You can daily click on 10 banners
• You earn 0.20 euro per click
• This is 2 euro per day
• Do this for 25 days and you have 50 euro
• Now you have 2 options


• Stop with Planb4You and pay out your 40 euro.


• Pay another 40 euro for a new white block
• You can do 2 things with the 10 euro:
1. Cash out and receive 7.50 euro cash on your bank account and you can spend the remaining 2.50 euro in the shop
2. You can also save the 10 euro to buy a new block


Click here for watch the film with information how to use PlanB4you.


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